Typhoon Merbok brought with it days and days of rain.  Each morning I woke up to grey skies and moisture (other than the normal humidity that is common here).  However, today the sun emerged.

I am in the process of trying to grow a couple of herb plants from seed.  The “cosmos” seemed to be against me, for as soon as I planted them, Merbok hit and the sun disappeared.   Despite the lack of sun and my (well-deserved) reputation as a “killer of plants,” sprouts have poked through the dirt in my little pots in the kitchen.  I was amazed.  Seeing the sun, I raced to the kitchen and pulled my little pots off the windowsill there, placing them on the windowsill in the living room to enjoy the full impact of the sun. I’m sure I heard them say, “Ahh…”

As did I!


I love the sun.  Or at least I don’t enjoy the grey.  I wouldn’t do well in Alaska.  Like so many others, the sun affects how I feel.  It makes me happy!

Other things that make me happy…

Playing the piano (I’ve been a beginner for over 20 years so I play the same songs over and over).

Writing stories.

Reading my favorite Bible verses again and again.

Laughing with my family.

Hugs that are given and received.

Doing Sudoku.

Hiking in the hills.

Walking in the park.

Swimming in a pool.

Strolling along a beach.

And more…

From time to time, it’s important to stop and think, “What makes me happy?”

When times get tough, and difficult seasons hit, how are we going to weather them?

Make a list of what makes you happy.  Keep it on hand.  When your mind is in a muddle, all dark and cloudy, and your emotions won’t allow you to get off the couch, you simply want to “sit and stare,” take the list out and read it.  Do something on it!

When difficult seasons hit, remember…

Move forward – don’t freeze or isolate yourself.

Be honest with your feelings – don’t suppress them.

Communicate your feelings with your loved ones and others you can trust.

Do something that makes you feel happy!


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