Thursday Doors: Macau

Macau was a Portuguese territory from 1887 – 1999 when it was handed over to China.  My family and I lived in Macau in the late nineties.  In the fall of 1999, we watched the celebratory parade and military vehicles roll in.  The Chinese people of Macau stood along the streets, waving a People’s Republic of China flag in their right hand and a Macau flag in their left.

Returning to Macau recently was quite surprising.  Today, the streets are much more vibrant.  In 2002, big casinos began to move in. Macau (Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), is now known as the Los Vegas of Asia.

However, even with the glittering lights of today’s Macau, the old charm still exists just below the surface.  There is a hint of Portuguese flavor.  There exists an East meets West charm.




These photos were taken by my daughter, Sarah.  We are a door loving family.  Have a nice weekend!

This post is inspired by Norm 2.0’s blog Thursday Doors (Norm Frampton). For more interesting doors from all around the globe, check it out.

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  1. That must have been a very interesting period to witness firsthand. Lovely photos!

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    1. It was indeed history in the making, quite fascinating. Seeing Macau today versus so many years ago was surreal. =)


  2. What a strange but delightful mix of cultures

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    1. For sure, it is delightful. The food is a nice mix of Chinese and Portuguese as well (yum)!! =)


  3. JT Twissel says:

    You know what they say – the family that doors together stays together!

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    1. Oh, I love that! Thanks! =)


  4. Norm 2.0 says:

    Wonderful shots. It must be quite a fascinating place to live.

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    1. It is indeed fascinating, the mix of cultures. =)


  5. Glad to see that the charm is still there, as Las Vegas of Asia wouldn’t recommend it to me. 🙂 I like the green door on the left side of your site.


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    1. Yes, it’s quite huge (the green door). Macau is a forty-five-minute ferry trip from Hong Kong where we currently live. It was worth a visit, seeing it again, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there. It is a bit crowded and chaotic in most areas. But fascinating for a visit! =)

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  6. Wow, I always wondered about Macau, because I had heard about it, but never realized it was held by the Portuguese. Interesting post!

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    1. Thanks so much. Macau’s history has been interesting to watch unfold. It is worth a visit for sure if you are ever in this part of Asia. =)


  7. Good to see. 🙂 We are a door loving family too and my last two Thursday Doors posts were also filled with photos of family members. I wish you plenty of great door finds!

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    1. That’s so nice, Manja. It’s more fun when it is a family adventure. =)

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      1. Indeed. 🙂 Welcome to my blog and thank you for the follow!

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  8. Still one of the best place to live and work

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    1. Do you live there now? My son visited yesterday and brought us back some dumplings & nai cha (yum) here in Hong Kong. Thanks for stopping by! =)

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      1. I’ve been working here for more than 6 years, i love dumplings and nai cha too.. 🙂

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      2. That sounds so nice. We are neighbors, I live in Hong Kong with my family. Take care and stay cool in this heatwave! =)


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