Thursday Doors: Peng Chau

A pleasurable, easy outing is to take a 20-minute ferry ride from my home to the island of Peng Chau.  Peng Chau is under one square kilometer and was formerly a hub for small industry.  Today, it is a sleepy fishing community.

Copy of IMG_5074

No cars are permitted on Peng Chau so it’s a peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of most of Hong Kong.


Tin Hau Temple, with over two hundred years of history, is located close to the ferry terminal.


The island is mainly inhabited by retirees but there also exists a community of artist and musicians.


My Secret Garden of Peng Chau is located in a three-story historical building, which functioned as a leather factory, and the area around it.  In recent history, it has been revitalized into an art garden, space for artists to create and gardeners to grow.



He’s called the “doorman.”




Peng Chau is always a relaxing place to slow down, relax, and breathe.


This post is inspired by Thursday Doors, created by Norm Frampton.  For more doors from all around the globe, check it out.

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    1. It certainly is a beautiful place, and peaceful too. =)

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  1. Norm 2.0 says:

    A place where cars are not allowed sounds good to me. I like that doorman too 🙂

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    1. It’s nice. Actually, the island I live on has a no car rule too. But, it’s much bigger and over the years golf carts, public buses, company cars, and work vehicles (a lot of construction) have increased so it’s nice to take a quiet break to Peng Chau. =)

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    So colorful. I like your photos.

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    1. Thanks so much, Ally. =)


  3. Prior... says:

    Oh very cool
    White bike and yellow scooter are so artsy fun
    And the bright red and green doors are cool –
    Nice place to have so close to you

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    1. It really is nice and cool too. =) Thanks for commenting.

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  4. Have never heard of this island – but my son has been to a few places (on the mainland) where it was very nice). Great that they are giving artists a place to create! A colorful secret garden:):)
    Was wondering, do artist here have the freedom like in the West?

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    1. Peng Chau is a very small island. I’m not sure the answer to your question exactly, regarding the artists’ freedom of expression here in Hong Kong versus the Mainland. Since the handover back to China, and the fifty year – “One Country / Two Systems” policy – there are those who feel that there has been a slight eroding of personal freedoms in Hong Kong. But, I’m sure it is much more complicated than I know or understand, and there are varying views. Thanks for commenting as always! =)


      1. When we were in China (2007), the mainlanders considered Hong Kong as the West, where “everything” was possible (meaning much more freedom) – I wondered if after a decade things were still the same politically?

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      2. The Mainland and Hong Kong are definitely two different worlds. There is a significantly more freedoms that Hong Kong people enjoy and it is still a lot more “western” here. But, I have to say the Mainland is much more “western” in its environment. I first lived in the Mainland in the late ’80’s through the mid-’90’s and have seen huge changes over the years. We’ll see going forward … Thanks for stopping by! =)


      3. So cool to get the view of a Westerner who has lived there! Have a great weekend:)

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  5. I’ve always loved doors, but haven’t photographed many in awhile. I love photos like these. They’re so interesting.

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    1. You are an amazing photographer, Carolyn. It has been a lot of fun being a part of this group of door lovers, you should definitely join!

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      1. Thank you so much Brenda! I’ll check into it. 😊

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  6. dimlamp says:

    Looks like an interesting place to live and/or visit.

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    1. It’s a quaint and quiet place to go and visit, for sure. 🙂


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