Thursday Doors: More Macau

This post is a continuation of the one last week; my trip to Macau with my son.  Previously, when visiting Macau from Hong Kong, we had to take two ferries from the island I currently live on.  Last week, we took the longest sea bridge in the world, 55 kilometers, by bus. The bridge was opened in October 2018 and it proved a much easier trip.

IMG_20181121_165953 (1)

Some of the sights in Macau have changed as numerous casinos have been built over the years.  Macau is known as the Las Vegas of Asia.  The Casino Lisboa once consisted only of this…

IMG_20181121_161314 (1)

It is now called the Grand Lisboa and looks like this…

Other parts of Macau have stayed the same, a mixing of Portuguese and Chinese culture.



This post is inspired by Thursday Doors, created by Norm Frampton. For more doors from all around the globe, please click here.


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  1. Create Space says:

    Your before and after photos are unbelievable…what a transformation! I enjoyed the sights. Xx

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    1. I’m so glad, Marie. The city has grown to the sky.

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  2. Norm 2.0 says:

    Thanks for the tour. That last shot left me feeling a little claustrophobic though 😀

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    1. Macau is filled with tight spaces and masses of people. It takes some getting used to in manuevering the walkways, to get the rhythm of the eff and flow. It’s interesting, but honestly glad I don’t live there anymore. Hong Kong can get crowded but where we live it’s peaceful. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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  3. Prior... says:

    doors – and people – and tons of culture – I soaked up so much here


    1. I’m so sorry for missing your comment. Not sure how that happened. =) Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the doors, people, and culture.

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      1. Prior... says:

        Well thanks for the reply – have a nice week

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  4. No wonder the mainlanders call it the West! Ritzy – love the white building in your 3rd capture!

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    1. Lots of money flowing in Macau with all the posh casinos. =)


  5. I love the green shutters on the yellow building, I only spent 1 fateful day on my travels in Macau; we were going to spend the day and night walking around the casinos, minesweeping peoples drinks (we were travelling around Asia at the time and had little funds) my mate had a dodgy stomach and had an “accident” meaning we had to rent a dingy hostel room for a day to wash and dry his trousers, hence we didn’t see much of the day lit Macau. It’s a shame. We took the ferry from HK and I saw a chap rolling a cigarette with one hand; tying it up with Cotten thread, an incredible feat. I remembering was the place where everyone went to gamble because it was illegal in HK, that was in 1991. Christ that makes me feel old!

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    1. So sorry for your mate. When we lived in Mainland China (’80’s & ’90’s), we used to call our puckey stomachs, “Mao’s revenge.” It doesn’t make much sense I know, but that’s what we foreigners would call it. Also, sorry you didn’t get to romp around Macau, it’s an interesting place. Don’t worry about the age thing (haha), I lived there initially in 1999. My first experience with Macau. It’s changed a lot. How did you like Hong Kong?

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      1. HK was ok, a bit glitzy as we’d come from India and Thailand sobsliggt culture shock I guess. I flew into the old airport right past Chung king mansions I think it was called. We hooked up with some expat students, they showed us the cool bars and pubs around Kowloon mostly. One thing stands out; it never got dark the night sky was lamp light orange all night, a real difference from the north Thai jungle nights!

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      2. For sure, an extreme contrast between northern Thailand and the city that never sleeps. I remember well the old airport, ducking between buildings as we landed. =)

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