All Good Things

One of my favorite bloggers, Ann Coleman, recently wrote this post about hanging on through difficult seasons. I wanted to reblog it to encourage others who might read it here.

“I just kept to my regular routine, knowing that sooner or later, Winter would give up and leave, making room for the Spring that I was longing for.  And sure enough, Spring finally showed up.”

Muddling Through My Middle Age

It seemed to me that this past Winter was especially hard.  My home town was spared the horrible blizzards that devastated other parts of the Midwest, but our Winter was still made up of months of very cold temperatures and too much snow and ice.  I don’t know if it’s my age or that my volunteer job of walking dogs at the local animal shelter means I’m outside for long periods of time, but whatever the reason, I don’t tolerate the cold very well.  The blood drains out of my fingers, leaving them bleached white and painful, my nose runs continuously, and my eyes tear so much that everyone thinks I’m crying.

So you can see why I was really, really, ready for Winter to be over, even as the frigid temperatures hung on and the promise of Spring seemed so very far away.  I often found myself wondering just…

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  1. Ann Coleman says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my post!

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    1. My pleasure. Thank you for writing it!

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  2. Create Space says:

    Brenda, I agree, Ann is one of my favourite bloggers too, I look forward to seeing her posts in my reader.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And … I finally figured out how to “Reblog” someone’s post. =) Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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      1. Create Space says:

        We are both slowly improving our technology skills!!

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