Thursday Doors: Fall Photo Festival, Perpignan

The following photos are my contribution to Thursday Doors, a door-lovers group hosted by Norm Frampton.


Last year, at this time of year, my husband, son, and I enjoyed attending the 31st International Festival of Photojournalism (organized by Visa pour l’image) featuring powerful street photography.   

It was a pleasant day in Perpignan and a nice memory.  I discovered the following doors on our walk there and back home.

During my door finding fun, it was a treat to discover this bright-colored car. It made me smile!

This year, we did not attend the festival.  If you’re interested, check out the featured photographers for this year’s festival online here, and enjoy the incredible photography.

If you would like to see more doors from all around the globe, visit Norm’s

Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe, stay well!

16 Comments Add yours

  1. These are great doors. I enjoyed that brightly coloured car.

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    1. Yes, it sure was fun find! Thanks so much for commenting. =)

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  2. Sheree says:

    Some great doors

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Sheree! =)

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  3. beautiful architecture, and great green car!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed! =)


  4. Dan Antion says:

    I love the tall narrow doors.

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    1. Me too! Thank you, Dan, for stopping by! =)

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  5. Norm 2.0 says:

    Cool stuff! My wife’s cousin has the exact same car in the same colour.

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    1. That’s great, what a fun car! Thanks so much, Norm. =)


  6. slfinnell says:

    Headed over to view the photography now!


    1. That’s great. I hope you enjoy! =)

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  7. DrJunieper says:

    Great captures, Brenda. This nostalgia is why I love France (I know not everything looks this way)> The green citroen – we had a grey one, it was our first car, that regularly stalled in the middle of an intersection in busy Berlin:)
    Thank you so much for your well wishing! There are moments of home-sickness for the forest, but it’s nice to be together to lift each other up:) There are plenty of projects to distract us – we can’t live with a white counter, so we’ll change it to a more demure color, and the shower bottom was so filthy, hubby right away started demo-ing, it. We have already set up our book shelves, and are waiting for a couch to come, and hope the moving company can find our mattress!! Now the weather is getting cooler, we can see a future here, lol:)

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    1. Ah, I didn’t know the name of the car. I’m sure it wasn’t fun to stall in the middle of the road but hopefully a fun memory now. It sounds like the move was a good one for family and that’s alway good in the end. Any change takes time to adjust too. So glad you see a future there. Wishing you well! =)


  8. Teresa says:

    Love that green car 💚 but not to be sidetracked, that featured door is also amazing, Brenda!

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    1. Thanks so much, Teresa. The green car was a fun find indeed!!

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