Thursday Doors: Summer in Perpignan

Yesterday, my husband and I took a thirty-minute walk to the downtown Perpignan prefecture where we picked up our new resident permits for France.  We’ve been waiting for months for our visa to be extended.  I don’t go out much yet.  But, we needed to go.  

The weather was warm and sunny, so the stroll was refreshing as we took the back roads to avoid other people, and we cut through a park to get to downtown.  

These doors are my contribution to Thursday Doors, a door-lovers group hosted by Dan Antion over at “No Facilities.”

If you would like to see more doors from all around the globe, visit Dan’s.  Thank you for stopping by.  Stay well, stay safe!

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    I’m glad you got to get out and walk around, Brenda. These are wonderful doors. I particularly like the building with the three doors on top of each other, The large blue arched door is amazing.

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    1. At first, I actually felt a little “discombobulated.” It was strange. But, then, the sun was shining and there was a breeze… I do like arched doors as well. I hope you have a nice weekend, Dan. =)

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  2. This makes me long to visit France again as I obviously missed my annual visit last year. Perhaps this fall. I’m with Day–the arched set is lovely.


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    1. I hope you can visit France again this Fall, Janet! The ability to easily travel seems to be on the horizon. Thanks so much for stopping by. =)

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  3. Sheree says:

    I like the grey one

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    1. Thanks, Sheree, for stopping by! I do like the doors here with the carvings in them.

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      1. Sheree says:

        Me too Brenda


  4. JT Twissel says:

    Looks like you got great weather! Love those trees.

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    1. Aren’t they grand and beautiful, and, yes, the weather was perfect for getting out (especially sense it has been so long). I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Beautiful, especially the first and the last one. I can tell how good it felt to be out again.

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    1. Thanks so much! It certainly was good to get out. =)

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